Our Zen Guarantee

Finding mediocre healers is not hard at all. However, finding excellent massage therapists; those who are genuinely aligned, talented, reliable, and friendly is difficult and time consuming. We know how important it is to provide a high-quality, high-value, service every single time. This is how Sacred Zen Suites distinguishes itself from the competition. Our goal has always been to build long-term relationships with our clients, and we can only do this by providing consistently good service to everyone. We’re so confident in our services that we’ve implemented our Five Star Zen Guarantee, giving you the peace of mind you will not find anywhere else. 

What is our Five Star Zen Guarantee?

Here on Sacred Zen Suites we guarantee a unique massage experience. We also want to score a perfect 10 every time, and many times we do!  But when it comes to judging a massage, which is so personal and subjective, one person’s 10 is another’s 6. Therefore, if after treatment you feel that the healer has failed to meet a basic satisfaction level (scoring a “5” or less on a quality scale of 1 to 10), we will offer you another zen session with a different healer for 25% off the regular price. *

We value your honest feedback and will use it to improve the quality of service we expect from our healers. Therefore in order to qualify for the 25% price “make up” zen session, we ask that you  complete a brief online survey to help us better understand how the healer could improve their services. Healers receiving poor performance scores will be reevaluated and subject to probation or contract termination. 

Client Service Survey


Make-up sessions must be scheduled within 30 days of original booking. Survey must be completed within one week of original service date. “Make up” zen sessions are subject to healer availability. The make-up session fee will be the remaining amount after the 25% is deducted off of the service received. Sacred Zen Suites management reserves the right to decline any additional services under this guarantee to clients who have been reported to be inappropriate or disrespectful towards a therapist or staff member. If management believed this offer is being pursued in bad faith we have the right to reject at our discretion.

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