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60-Minute CBD Massage

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Escape, release, & elevate with a 60-Minute Massage Experience. Even if its just for an hour, allow yourself a break from the world  and restore your energy with our Signature CBD Massage. This infused Massage experience will leave you feeling elevated, extremely smooth, while rejuvenating your body in the process. Creating a more relaxed and restored you!

CBD is known to help reduce inflammation and ease pain tremendously, especially after a nice hard workout!  CBD is also known for its anxiety-relieving and sleep-enhancing properties that’ll help give your mind the break that it oh so needs. Combine CBD with a deeply relaxing massage, and it can work wonders! Experience true ascension using natural products, and bring balance to your life with this special plant medicine.


Upgrade to a magical 4-hand massage experience!

Surrender your body to not only two skillful hands, but double the pleasure with a 4-hand Massage a Trois massage experience. The 4-hand massage sensation is a unique twist of our signature standard massage. This is for the clients that crave ultimate relaxation of the mind, body, and soul. During this therapy session, we provide two therapist that work in harmony massaging different areas of your body. This allows the client to completely release their stress and tension, escaping into a state of pure bliss. This Five Star service is one of our most popular, a must try for all, and has been deemed the most captivating massage for clients who want more bliss for their buck. It’s truly our most pampering service! Allow us to treat you like the royalty you are.


Signature CBD Massage Experience Includes:

  • Customized Massage : The healer will customize your full body CBD-Infused massage experience based on your needs
  • Complimentary water & organic tea



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