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Yoni Steam & Goddess Soak

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This Divine Goddess Ceremony may be one of our favorite Experiences! Awaken and empower the Divine Feminine inside with this sacred ceremony. It was created to immerse you in self love. You will first begin with your Sacred Yoni Steam. The sacred act of cleansing and showing your womb love. This energetic space is the ground of a woman’s power and well-being, housing her creativity, sexuality, and deep knowing. Cleansing this space will help balance and align on all levels of your being – physically , emotionally , and spiritually (With tons of health benefits as well!) Next  your healer will draw you a goddess ritual bath filled with fresh flowers, salts, and milks to cleanse you of all negative energies, and attract whatever your sacred intentions are. After a bit of soaking your healer will join you in your private jacuzzi suite, to massage your neck, and shoulders . This is performed while you continue to soak, allowing you to completely fall into tranquility bliss.  This will all be topped off with a 15-Minute foot Massage ! May you not only walk out totally relaxed & with glowing skin; but with an open heart, clear eyes, and divinely aligned. Radiate high vibes Goddess! You are divine. You are worthy. You attract abundance. You are surrounded by love. You are love. We love you and thank you for allowing us to be apart of your journey!



Divine Goddess Ceremony Includes:

  • 45-Minute Sacred Yoni Steam
  • Goddess Ritual Bath infused with fresh flowers, healing crystal, and herbs in your own private jacuzzi suite
  • FREE 3.5 Grams of premium flower to smoke during your soak
  • Complimentary glass of wine or champagne
  • Complimentary water & organic blend tea



We Offer Six different Sacred Yoni Steam Herbs to Choose from:

Steamy Nights:

Just what you need to wake up your pleasure zone! Get maximum enjoyment and intimate delights by setting the mood to “steamy” with our sensual herbal blend. Dryness and discomfort will be a thing of the past. Embrace your inner Goddess and turn up the heat in the bedroom!

Rising Venus:

Regain your vibrancy, lift the pelvic floor, balance your internal flora, refresh, & replenish! You will enjoy renewed confidence and radiance from within. This steamy blend is fabulous to tighten, tweak, and bring strength and vitality to the depth of your womanhood. How amazing to have a non-surgical option for a vaginal lift, and a healthy reset for the uterine environment!


Deep Peace:

Honor your depth and heal the layers tucked deep inside. This mending & restorative blend will ease it’s way into the places it’s needed most. Regardless of how much time has passed, you can use this ancient method of bringing peace & comfort within.


Mama Love:

Birthing a baby is a big job and it takes time to recover. This healing and restorative blend with work wonders to help all of your delicate parts return to their pre-pregnancy condition. Taking time for your body to regain it’s former self is also an important facet of self care.


Go With The Flow:

Unlock your code to the perfect period. Keep your cycle on track and keep PMS symptoms to a minimum. Aunt Flo has never been so happy! Packed with a selection of herbs to give you a lovely and effective cleanse with comfort. This blend  helps to regulate your cycle and eliminate those pesky symptoms that make us cringe every month. Life just got easier!


Soft & Subtle:

Sometimes our intimate region requires a gentle touch. This mild and mellow blend is ideal for a soft approach and won’t ruffle any feathers. An appropriate choice for those with hot flashes, night sweats and/or shirt cycles. This selection will bring comfort and wellness to even the most sensitive women



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Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes. Please bring bikini for Sacred Soak:)